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Women Lovers offers stories that we hope will help awaken the passion and sensual being inside of you. These stories feature some adult and romantic scenes as do all of our lives. This is not erotica, this is sensual material to help women explore the desire that we all have deep down inside of us. We all accept submissions of your own romantic stories. Check back for frequent updates.

A Time For Two
This is a romantic story about a woman's awakening at the hands of a man of color. Janice meets an African American couple and they help to awaken her sensual feelings and passion from within.

The Candy Striper
In this episode, Janice dreams of being a nurse, like her mother before her. She's working at the hospital when a patient in a coma catches her attention. Will her passion and fire be enough to help this handsome man recover from his injuries?

Childhood Friends
I always had a crush on a boy that grew up in the same area of Chicago where I did. So, when the chance came for us to meet up again, years later, my curiosity and passion flared. How would it all work out?

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