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The world wide web is a strange place.

All over the internet, people like us have websites that seek to stimulate your passion. Some of these sites have intellectual content, some have adult related material, and some are just plain witty. Whatever you do, just make sure you come back and visit Women Lovers once and a while.

Yahoo lists tens of thousands of sites and many of them are actually very good. Forget the business listings and go right to the person sites. There's nothing that shows you passion online like the people who run their own websites. From politics, to romance, to sex, to clothing, there are so many great personal sites on Yahoo.

Chyoo Interactive Erotic Fiction
This innovative adult fiction site allows you to read and contribute to choose your own adult adventure type of stories. You can choose the name of the characters in some stories and you can pick the action of the story in each chapter. Very unique and worth checking out.

Erotic Fiction
A site that focusses on amateur erotica writers and the people who read it. There are some great tools here to help people get started with writing stories. While some of the content does lean toward adult, it is an interesting site for authors.

Miss Behavin's Fiction
This is a woman on the web who has her own site where she shares her writing with the world. She stopped updating part of the site some time ago, but she still adds a story every now and then. Like Women Lovers, she is very passionate about her life and her writing.

Family Fantasies Stories
This site offers a number of erotic stories on taboo subjects relating to relationships that you wouldn't usually expect. The stories aren't the best written on the web, but they are worth looking at if you are into exploring non standard sexual relationships..

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